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Author Topic: Battle of the Mopars  (Read 614 times)
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« on: July 26, 2017, 05:02:44 PM »

Both Greenlight and Johnny Lightning are putting out releases of the late 70s NYPD Mopars. GL is giving us the 1977 Fury and JL the 1977 Monaco. From photos it appears NYPD had both models.


42810-B - 1-64 Hot Pursuit 24 - 1977 Plymouth Fury - New York City Police Dept (Front,High Res)
by GreenLight Collectibles, on Flickr

Johnny Lightning

Now we shall see whose it better when it actually comes out.  At first glance Here is the breakdown:
Casting: JL is a known casting and is pretty good.  Scale may be a bit on the small side for 1/64. 
Color: neither blue looks entirely correct: GL a little too light and JL a little too dark
Light: GL is a new light bar and looks good.  JL would be great but the siren section is too fat.  Previous Aerodynic from them would be better
Wheels - GL has the right color but a bit too wide.  JL is more in scale but the wrong color.
Decorations: toss up as JL has a better unit number but no precinct.  GL has a precinct but generic car number.

GL is also doing the 76 Coronet for CHP.

42810-A - 1-64 Hot Pursuit 24 - 1975 Dodge Coronet - California Hwy Patrol (Front,High Res)
by GreenLight Collectibles, on Flickr
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« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2017, 04:17:20 PM »

  I sure would like to see Greenlight do a Dayton Ohio Police car, and a Dayton, Ohio Durastar Ambulance. Dayton is the Birthplace of Aviation, the Electric starter was invented here by Eugene Kettering, and Dayton is reportedly the first city to issue a speeding ticket. And now the Heroine/Fentinal overdose death leader in Ohio.
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