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 on: March 22, 2017, 04:23:41 PM 
Started by Policecarmodels - Last post by Policecarmodels
Pre production images

 on: March 21, 2017, 07:16:00 PM 
Started by Tex50613 - Last post by unMARKedCARR
Great looking models and something we don't see modeled!

 on: March 21, 2017, 07:15:01 PM 
Started by Tex50613 - Last post by unMARKedCARR
Good information!  Thank you for sharing.

 on: March 21, 2017, 06:53:39 PM 
Started by Tex50613 - Last post by JoeO
Thanks for the insight.

 on: March 21, 2017, 06:50:03 PM 
Started by JoeO - Last post by JoeO
Engine 3 This will be going to Sutphen in a few weeks.

 on: March 21, 2017, 06:49:03 PM 
Started by Tex50613 - Last post by Tex50613
This is a little comparison review of the new DCP Ford L-9000 (late 70's version) and the long hood TSR L-9000.
First off I opened the 2 packages and set them side by side and did a initial visual comparison and apon analyzing the 2 units the primary difference are:
1. the DCP has a drop down style front bumper where as the TSR has a strait bumper.
2. The DCP has the more common squared off fuel tanks and the TSR has round tanks.
3.  the TSR has leaf sprung rear suspension where the DCP has air ride.
4. The airhorns are both on the same side of the cab on the DCP and the TSR's are on opposite sides.
5. DCP added a mudflap cast into the rear of the front fender which is the TSR doesn't have.
6. The mirrors on the DCP are higher detailed than the TSR counterpart.
7. They both have Dayton style wheels with the DCP running a 5 spoke front vs the TSR's 6 spoke.
8. The DCP I got has a optional visor that TSR does not offer at this time.
9. The TSR has the optional air d**n which DCP offers one but the truck I have doesn't have so I can't give a comparison of those parts.
10. DCP added Diecast to the cab's door window openings to resemble the support at the back of the wing window that TSR doesn't have.
11. The hood on the DCP opens further than the TSR due to its hindge design and location.
12. Both units are running engine castings that are sposto resemble the same CAT diesel and other than the under the hood  air cleaner box size and style there are only small variations between the 2 and nothing else really sets the quality of the one off from the other.
13. TSR's front suspension and steering components are all plastic where as dcp's appear to be Diecast but that being said they both have positionable front wheels and neither "steer" better than the other.
14. Both units have a mudflap assembly, deck plate, and 1/4 fenders which are just the respective companies variation of the parts with neither truck's being expesually noteworthy.

The DCP's hood has a noticeable casting line between the top of the headlight and the top of the fender that neither the TSR or 1:1 have which seems to be from a mold misalignment at the factory and is on every DCP truck I've seen pictures of appear to have this issue.

Also on a side note the 2 trucks appear to use the same cab mounting and interior castings and look like they could interchange but without dis-manteling both units I can't verify this observation.

Finally using Stamp-n-toys as a reference on pricing the DCP runs $55 for cab only or $85 for cab and trailer while the TSR runs $25 (brown long hood with orange grill)-$45 (other currently avalable colors of short hood tractor which have v8 CAT diesel motor) and are not avalable with a trailer at this time.

In conclusion my opinion from these observations is that unless you specifically are looking for the optional parts available on some of the DCP units it is not worth the additional cost.

 on: March 21, 2017, 06:45:52 PM 
Started by Tex50613 - Last post by JoeO
Nice job

 on: March 20, 2017, 10:42:47 PM 
Started by RichInQuarters - Last post by M1968Q
Very nice!  First 1/43rd that I've seen complete with a "load" in the back. Smiley  Hopefully they add the whitewalls, and produce an ambulance version down the road.  Wink

 on: March 20, 2017, 10:30:35 PM 
Started by Tex50613 - Last post by Tex50613
Well I bought one of the new DCP late 70's long hood L-9000 fords to compair them.
  The price of the DCP unit is considerably higher than the TSR counterpart for the same model year varrent.
  DCP has more optional dress up parts on their rigs:
   The one I purchased had a optional visor.
  Different style front bumper than the TSR.
   Both rigs run Dayton style wheels and the inline diesel engine.
  DCP did change the hood mounting on their version to allow the hood to tilt farther,
  Also DCP mounts both airhorns on the driver's side of the cab roof.

 The truck I purchased has a horrible casting line in the front of the hood between the top of the headlights and the top of the fenders which I have never encountered on any of the TSR units I've messed with.

There are other slight variants between the 2 but nothing really note worthy.

In my personal opinion dollar for dollar the TSR unit is a better value at this point in time and unless you specifically need the optional parts on the DCP the truck isn't worth the extra money.



Also if anyone is interested in side by side pictures of the 2 units I will post some if nesacary

 on: March 20, 2017, 08:16:48 PM 
Started by RichInQuarters - Last post by Rescue131
10-4. Thanks. The real rig is in the hands of a private collector here in Maryland. It shows up often at local events.

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